Saturday, 27 of August of 2016

Walkin Jim Stolz – Bull River Woods

The sun-jilted thief,
Sneaking in where it can,
Steals from the cool shade
Of a dew drop’s perpetual home.
Moist Earth gives footfalls silence
Amid a foot-deep needle carpet and
Moss like sponge, springs back.

Green is breathable essence,
More than color
Wrung from feathered ferns
And rolled to a giant’s canopy,
A fluid spectrum catching vitality
Within one seed.
These blooms
Rise to colossal monuments,
With even arms unstable to skirt their girth
Five times ‘round;
Though to embrace —- Gives back.

Living being, there is wisdom here
Amid age rippling bark
And solemn green energy,
The proud source.

How can it be?
There are those who walk here
With stacked lumber in their eyes,
And dollar-signs on their lips.

Walkin Jim Stoltz’

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