Friday, 23 of February of 2018

DeaneTR – Mist Singing Fog Trees

Low low tones of the earth’s sound
Trickles into vibrant song
Growing louder and louder

To splash into deep water
Bubbles escaping upwards
Fingers diving downwards
An exhumation of sound
Once thought lost to a dried up river

Sounding, sounding
Still sounding low tones of
The earth life blooming song
Delicate limbs gather fog into light rain
Far offshore in ocean under deeper depths
Whale sounds call out to these trees

Furrowed bark of redwood and fir
Following it higher and higher
Serenity in its greatest purity
Still alive inside this 3000 acres

Far offshore in ocean
Under surface it climbs skyward
This earth sound is in key with whale’s singing
This whale singing sound rises in foggy vapor
Onto shorelines, up rivers, into creeks
Up into the last large unprotected grove
Of mist singing fog trees

Always to return to our source
To finally recover what once was unrecoverable.
To hear our self as all sounds and all things
This is the stability of Earth’s rhythm

Listening rediscovered in sound of moving deer and spider
In thump of woodpecker or ambling of bear
The yawn of lion or fish slipping through

Always from Gratitude and forgiveness
Always from respect and protection
This is the restoration of recollection
The dreaming of an end to indifference
This is the melody of self as forest

Redwood Blood in deep water
Thick rough blanket of gray-green softness
We are the wood
The sun the blue sky
And the whale watered breath that reaches
Across green leaves to drip to deep soil

by DeaneTR © 2004 ARR

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