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DeaneTR – True Knowledge Is An Ancient-Branched-Heart


Lesson 11*

True knowledge is an ancient-branched-heart.
It’s a root-dream-deep-green-green-shaggy-wild
feeding ocean-wood-remembering land
river clean in roaring ocean river-wind-rain
Rediscovering great heart unseen-unchained.

Bare dry earth once moist and tall.
Green moss-wood once unworried of ruin.
Once feeling-knowing a whole body,
A whole heart-gift to your deepest root.
But you changed your mind?

Now nothing to hold on to
Nothing to climb
You make more wind and
Want more wind to water you,
Yet only dry wind sweeps through.
Nothing to sway or cool you
It just keeps drying you?

Wind-thinking-lost all roots,
Even weeds-dried-gone.
Insatiable thirst of confused wanting
More wind, more overpowering heart’s rule,
More overthrowing life’s warm wet breath…

A mind’s insatiable toil for water
Wanting-water-buried-deep underwater
Under what wind is as its opposite
As a big missing in heart-loss-shackled
Deep wound needing better salve
Needing more then what pretends
Is only needing more wind?

And what of your children?
Where do they live?
Do you hold them with your brain?
Or do you hold them with
hands-heart-arms knowing life’s breath,
Thinking in your chest of child’s future

Top-heavy trees can not live without
Root-heart-knowing of what living long can be.
And the child you work to raise?
Is that a thin green
Farm of identical tiny trees as you and me?
You really wish to grow this wild tame
Shallow soon-to-harvest-not-knowing?

True knowledge is an ancient-branched-heart.
It’s a root-dream-deep-green-shaggy-wild
feeding ocean-wood-remembering land
river clean in roaring-wind-rain
Rediscovering great heart unseen-unchained.

by DeaneTR (c) 4/2005

*This poem inspired by trees as framed by Lessons from the Dead Sea by James Tyman < http://www.emissaryoflight.com  >

Study all the lessons by starting with lesson 11: http://bit.ly/pTHWux

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