Friday, 26 of August of 2016

A.R. Ammons – Eyesight

As far as topics often addressed by Ammons, those of religious and philosophical concern are visited in his works as are many scenes involving nature, almost in a Transcendental fashion.

According to Daniel Hoffman, who wrote a book review on Ammons, stated that his work “is founded on an implied Emersonian division of experience into Nature and the Soul,” adding that it “sometimes consciously echo[es] familiar lines from Emerson, Whitman and [Emily] Dickinson. (From Wikipedia)

Eyesight by A.R. Ammons

It was May before my
attention came
to spring and

my word I said
to the southern slopes

missed it, it
came and went before
I got right to see:

don’t worry, said the mountain,
try the later northern slopes
or if

you can climb, climb
into spring: but
said the mountain

it’s not that way
with all things, some
that go are gone

– A.R. Ammons (The Selected Poems 1951-1977)

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