Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Gary Lawless – For Those Who Would Compromise The Forest


For those who would compromise the forest

the spirits of the lost trees,
the spirits of the plants
the moss spirits, the rock spirits
consign you to a hell of
no birds, a spare dry hell where
your name will not be known–
you will be known as desolation,
the ruiner of planets, the lonely soul who
lives without the friendship of life,
without the solace of species–
the ghosts of those you have
pushed aside will follow you as
you move toward dryness, dust
and empty skies–
surely goodness and mercy will
leave your wretched life untouched
as you dwell forever in
a land without life
trying to remember the sound
of birds, the sound of wind,
the sound of your own heart.


Gary Lawless
Feb. 2 1997 Earth First!

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