Friday, 23 of February of 2018

Dennis Fritzinger – When The Wolves Howl Tonight (for Craig)



Craig Beneville was an Earth First!er, former editor of the Earth First! Journal, and friend. He was working in Oregon as a tree climbing contractor when the accident happened.


when the wolves howl tonight
there’ll be a missing voice–
it’s just the way things happen,
it’s really not their choice.
the hunt went well, the air is cold,
the moon is round and bright,
but there’ll be a missing voice
when the wolves howl tonight.

yesterday we lost craig beneville–
he was working in a tree,
he succumbed to a force of nature
known as gravity.
he’ll always be remembered
for fighting the good fight–
yes, there’ll be a missing voice
when Earth First!ers howl tonight!

everybody has two families,
but they’re really of a kind–
there’s the family you’re born with,
and the family you find–
craig was part of my second family,
he’d always treat me right–
there’ll be a missing voice
when the wolves howl tonight.


Craig Beneville’s passion for life took him high into the canopies of nature’s grandest and most spectacular forests. He fell to his death… [while doing contract work for the US Forest Service.]

…The life of Craig Beneville not his death will reverberate through the forests of the Pacific Northwest and sound out a clarion call nationwide. The daily talk of terrorism that fills our television screens should expose the domestic terrorism of carving our country’s essential forest ecosystems into tatters.

The life of this good American and true patriot should teach us all about the responsibility that all of us have to the future. There are no pragmatic win-win situations on public lands that concede big trees to the despicable timber profiteers that manipulate science and dangle so many politicians as obsequious puppets.

A line in the public forests must be drawn that clearly and unambiguously says “not one more tree.” from


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