Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Mary De La Vallette – The Bell Tolls


In Phillipston, Massachusetts there is a 46 acre woodland wildlife sanctuary named after this poet and activist. Her verse also appears on the Planet Peace and Yes Magazine websites.

If you know this great women or have more information about her, please post a comment below.


The Bell Tolls

They slip quietly into extinction.
Little fragile ones,
Dusky seaside sparrows,
Mission blue butterflies.
Great peaceful giants,
Elephants, whales.
Earth’s jubilant mosaic,

We have,
As sharks in a blood frenzy
Drawn in for the kill,
Put a price
On all that is bright and beautiful.
Ivory, fur, flesh, feathers.
As moneylenders in the temple
Life is our stock exchange.

I would,
With the heaviness of my pain,
With the flood of my tears,
Purge Earth.
I would make the forests green again.
Cleanse the oceans
Wash the clouds and the winds.
And, in the ecstasy of love,
Listen to the Earth sing again.

Mary de La Valette
May 1 1988 Earth First!

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