Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Dennis Fritzinger – Usurper


the forests used to be autonomous,
but then usurper came, and bent them to
his will; no more would nature be allowed
to run things as she wanted; he would see
that all her riches would come flowing in
to his coffers instead.  and so it went,
with nature struggling beneath his yoke,
her pretty flowers blooming at his whim,
her trees reaching skyward at his whim,
her birds and beasts continuing at his whim.
nature’s democracy subverted thus
by his autocracy, her processes
curtailed or thwarted, also at his whim,
sent revolution stirring in its sleep,
and waking, bringing catastrophic fires
and floods, and plagues of beetles and locusts
and jellyfish, and wreaking general havoc
(i won’t even mention the earthquakes),
till usurper, ever a slow learner,
caught on at last, as we had hoped he might,
and peace returned to every ecosystem,
and every corner of this perishing world.





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