Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Steve Toth – Cassandra & Coyote


Cassandra records her love
poems to nature
She has learned
not to write
but to listen & transcribe
The swamp creatures dance
to the beat of her music
They have such a wild time together
The frightened bird
caught in a hurricane
is found & cared for in her lines
It’s hard to believe how her poetry works
because it bypasses belief
She knows that it’s only
what’s lived that’s real

The vivisectionists have tranquilized
Coyote with their darts
& carried him off
to where he’ll never see the moon again
They can’t wait to dissect & dismember
each tiny piece
They don’t know
the kind of wildness
they’re dealing with
If Coyote can only hold out until morning
That’s when Cassandra
is weaving healing in words

As the dawn is breaking
Coyote is reassembled
Ready to rise & shine
from the dead
wilder than ever
He escapes with the first bird song
as Cassandra records
what she hears faithfully
Most everybody these days doesn’t believe
there’s any power left in poetry
but she keeps working anyway

Steve Toth
July-August 2005 Earth First!


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