Monday, 29 of August of 2016

Tim McNulty – Poem To Rid The Woods Of Jeremiah’s Monsters

Because you see monsters
most everywhere these days,
and today on the path out from the cabin,
had to carry big sticks
to fight them,
and cried when the weight slowed you down.

And even though I haven’t seen them,
I know they’re there too.
So I make this poem
to rid the woods of monsters.

All you monster eyes
that see only to ravage the poor and voiceless
of the world,
Go blind!

Hands that snatch the very ground
from beneath unborn feet,
Go limp!

Teeth that tear at the last thin shreds
of what is green and holy around us,
Fall out!

Hunger that knows no rest,
Eat yourself!

You monsters
that come flickering out of your bombshelter souls
to strike at the life we try and make
in spite of you:
May you become the bad dreams
you push on us and our children
and never wake!


You’re scaring my friends.

Tim McNulty
February 2 1988 Earth First!

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