Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Stan Wilson – What The Bear Know

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the bear(s) know
my garbage is good
hippie garbage.
The bear(s) know
my truck is broke
& so,
hippie garbage is
availble by the yardage,
right now.

The bear(s) know
the big dogs are
chickenshit &
the brave dog
is little.
The big dogs stay
out of range,
the little one,
little more than spittle.

The bear(s) know
they don’t like
my compost.
Maybe it’s the gluten thing,
never a slice of bread,
not a bit of toast.
Doin’ just fine gluten free,
not meaning to boast.

The bear, only one has
been tested &
knows that he’d
better know
what a man w/ a gun
looks like.
He can hear them
ancestors calling,
“gun means run son,”

nothin’ else means nothin’

Stan Wilson
Fall Equinox, 2011

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