Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

David Chorlton – Interstate

Chorlton’s poems have been in more than 250 literary magazines. He explains to Poet Encyclopedia what writing about the Southwest landscape and its wildlife means to him:

“These themes have made their way into much of my writing after I overcame what I now recognise as an early bias against “nature poetry,” no doubt the residue of misunderstanding school studies of Wordsworth and John Clare.

As I gained more experience of our desert and climate, I found the tension that I had formerly missed in writing about land and the non-human world.”

The desert floor has swallowed
every noise, and a coyote
moves on sparkling steps
across his country, unaware

that it is growing smaller. No boundaries
block his way, but the lights
from the long road are too many.
In coyote time, they move
at speeds beyond the heart

along their blinding strip.
The distance sags
between desert cities, and the journey

is temporary, ending
where the land is a commodity
and once it has been sold
there is nothing to do
but to sell it again.


David Chorlton
December 1989 Earth First!

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