Tuesday, 30 of August of 2016

Kirk Lumpkin – Savor It

Kirk Lumpkin is a poet of the San Francisco bay area. He has spent decades hosting open mics and poetry festivals. He also was the host of poetry events at Burning Man in the 1990’s.

In more recent years he has begun to do local podcasts, which is a format Armed With Visions hopes to do more of in the near future. Big howl to ya Kirk. And thanks for such an awesome dam poem too.
From our faucets in San Francisco
we drink
sierra snowmelt
delivered by
Hetch Hetchy Dam–
some of the cleanest city water
one can find these days

But hidden deep within this water
is the taste of blood,
the blood of the creatures
that used to live there
before the valley was drowned,
and the blood of John Muir

with its taste
of a love and faith
that knows better
than to move mountains.
Savor it

for it still carries the wild taste
of Life
that will one day burst
these dams.


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