Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Robert Drake – Tailgated

Ordinarily the internet provides ample opportunities to check in on a warrior poet previouly published by us over the past couple decades.

But if your name is Robert Drake and you’re a writer, well… There are many accomplished writers named Robert Drake.

The author of the poem below is a Robert Drake we knew from El Paso, Texas 20 years ago. If you know this person, please have him get in touch with us. We’d love to know how he’s doing and what he’s been writing about in more recent years.

He’s there in your rear-view mirror.
When’s the last time you checked?
The epitome of progress approaches.
He’s breathing down your neck!

He’s rude and inconsiderate
And bent on setting the speed
At which you are daily driven
To (in this world) succeed.

He’s bearing down upon you,
And his countenance will show
Impatience with sluggish Nature,
With anything slow!

Speed limits are a nuisance.
Tarry longer and you’ll find
He doesn’t believe in limits–
Limits of any kind.

So, next time you’re running late,
Do yourself a favor–
Just let progress pass you by
And take the time to savor!

Robert Drake

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