Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Anna Ruiz – Tending the Garden

For many years Anna Ruiz has been a part of the warrior poet community via our yahoogroups listserve.

And every once in a while she posts an excellent poem that very well represents what a warrior poets strives to convey.

And today is one of those days…

Anna posted this poem to our listserve this morning. Thank you for sharing your poem Anna!
In the articulation of snowflakes
the sun is never shamed;
compelled, the moon makes no excuses for her brilliant
display of turning towards and away,
her silver ballgown, slivers of reflection on
the open sea

there is a gift the willow gives,
her long tender tendrils floating in the breeze,
bidding you “come”,
shadows make strange noises creaking along winding
wildflowers burst into glory,
here and there,
shouting “here I am”.
This is the world that sings.
This is the world man cannot create but
destroys with dollar signs and these are
the signs of the time.

Every sentient being bears responsibility
for what is and should another species perish
we have no one else to blame. It happened on
our watch.

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