Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Maria Quintana – On The Road

dedicated to the Mazda Miata

Mall mall mall mall
strip mall, deluxe mall with waterfall
Nicaraguan Sweetwater malls four to a corner
Dadeland, big air conditioned mall
car mall, food mall, big parking lot
lots of parking lots with every mall

Road road road road
getting bigger
just around my neighborhood
Red Road, Dixie Highway
Bird Road, and the up-and-coming
roads for smart drivers
way ahead of their time
who have been around
Miami more than since yesterday
Alhambra, Blue Road, all Coral Gables shortcuts

Road road mall mall parking parking
air conditioned parking with a
fast food restaurant at the exit
they all look alike, flashing discrete income categories

Romance of the road, the road to nowhere
used to be the road was filled with mystery
like pioneers going over the plains
watching for the mountains in the distance
the mountains are still there, but as for the mystery…

the malls of Los Angeles, I can see them
rising behind the Hollywood Hills, taller even
even more deluxe than the Aventura
Burger kings more luxurious
I can hardly wait to get in the car

It was a time of hopelessness
There was a sense of doom
The first traffic shootings occurred
Wild animals began to disappear along with forests
air and clean water
It made great rock and roll

Maria Quintana
September 22 1990 Earth First!

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