Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Djinn – PSSST

Pssst…Quit your job. (You know who you are.)
Become a baker, dress-maker, home-builder,
weaver, furniture maker, gardener, flute-maker,
clothing-maker, beer-maker, candle-maker, solar
oven builder, builder of solar hot water heaters,
cobbler, healer, yogi, shaman, dancer, singer,
musician, herbalist, boat-maker, bicycle repair
person, potter, tool-maker, hunter, gatherer, brick-
maker, actor, trader, artist, innkeeper, or something
else useful, local and non-destructive. Or, do many
things, and enjoy the variety.
Sell to your neighbors. Buy from your
neighbors. (Everyone is a neighbor who shares the
same water source.)
Learn about the land, plants and animals
around you.
Create a new social security in a circle of
Spend more time with your family.
Work harder in certain seasons. Hang out and
cuddle up in others.
Take it easy when you or a loved one is ill. Or
when the weather is especially beautiful.
Travel less, and slower, where you please, and
with less pressure.
Breathe fresher air. Drink purer water.
Daydream more. Remember your dreams.
It’s your life.
(Their promises of security are not true.)
Even the CEOs will enjoy getting back in the
garden for a change.
Change the world.
Pass it on.
March-April 2007 Earth First!



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