Monday, 29 of August of 2016

Mary de La Valette – Rapture

Come away
With me
To the real world.

To the wind
Sighing for love
Of the red-tailed hawk.
To the tall fir
Reaching unrequited
For a luminous moon.
To the marsh grasses
Softly rippling
To the ocean’s pulse.

Come with me
To the forest’s heart
Where the green tapestry
Starred with jewelled birds
And fragrant flowers
Enters the blood
And calls you home.

And come with me
To the black pond’s night
To the pulsing voice
Of a thousand dark, silk frogs
Singing a latticework skyward.

And stay with me
When high summer
Enfolds the Earth
In passion’s heat
And the earthblood runs swift
And urgent
And life is the message,
The meaning
And all that has ever mattered
Or will ever matter.

Mary de La Valette
May 1, 1994 Earth First!

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