Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Marcy Marchello – Natural Sacrifice Area

The land gives gently
spinning the wind with dustdevil talk.
A lone cow
trots into the road
after we pass
and dark green juniper bushes
speckle the reds, the grays
of moving fleshrock.
Rivers like lightning
streak the ground.
Look again!
The earth has opened wide and deep
spread raven’s wings
canyon walls
a part
so you can soar and see and spin
look at your insides again
but don’t just look at the tissue pink view
while the sky spits and heaves
Run down in there!
roll in the bloodstone and bones
soak up the smell of death
Run back up the rock!
Peek out across the sun slanted vastness
and gasping for breath, ask yourself
What shall I sacrifice to keep this place sacred?

Marcy Marchello
March 20 1988 Earth First!

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