Saturday, 20 of January of 2018

Rabinowitz – Goose Music

I heard them today
swinging past the pines
wings beating strong, sure
dropped my saw and kindling
to look for them
craning neck to deep blue sky
over soft deep white of winter
great boughs suddenly quivering
as white powder cascades in a cloud
falling and the limb shakes free
there–they must be rounding
behind our small hill–
funny I didn’t see them
in that long stretch
above the open pasture–
I take several steps quickly
for a view past the bend
goose music calling me
honking so clear now
I can hear the nuances of joy,
the one talking to another,
friend to friend
ecstasy singing of wild high flight
I can see them in my mind
long necks reaching
bright dark eyes far past the bodies
of the flock
following desire
visions from past years
the warmth of vigorous movement
the invigorating chill
of minute ice crystals in the air
wheeling panorama of vast plateaus
deep winding canyons below
I can almost hear the atmosphere
through wingtips whistling
yet all at once
the sound is fading
the distance between us
as tangible as a familiar taste on my tongue
I know without doubt
where they are
and the place is empty blue air
I blink but the last distant calls
where they should be
nothing but clear bright air
stunning my mind into recognition
a vision–
I never saw their passage
across the vast, whirling sky
but they were there
where I looked
more real
than the modern megalomaniac
of “downloading” consciousness
into computers,
doing away with our bodies
as with Nature
a world run by machines
producing more machines
nothing but empty gears
with no substance
for we–not abstract thought
but the spirit music
the feeling that carries us aloft
with the geese
our illogical shared ecstasy
of life
singing our creation
the blood pulsing
wings sweeping
eyes taking in
a breathing unfathomable world
the goose music
our music
irreplaceable, timeless


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