Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Amie Diller – Under Our Feet

I want to leave the city and go live on the land,” I said.
Where do you think you are living now?” he asked.
What do you think is beneath your feet?

We say concrete is dirt,
beneath dirt is rock,
beneath rock is molten fire.
We forget it is the skin and bones and
blood of our mother
buried from light and air.

Is she asleep and dreaming?
Is her sleep like death?
Is she mourning days of tidal marsh?
What is her secret life?

What if she is slowly simmering anger?
What if her pain is the fury of a woman scorned?
What if suddenly her blood boils
and fire pours from her veins?

Fire pouring through fissures
cracking the surface
with radical change.
Basalt, bedrock, river rock,
sandstone, shale, drifting dust,
erupting lava,
our own rage released.

For we ourselves are made of this earth.
Her body is our body.
Her love bursts in us.
Her beauty is blinding.

We are waiting for it.
We are longing for it.
We are calling for it.

The knowledge of earth
under our feet.

Amie Diller
June-July 2002 Earth First!

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