Friday, 23 of February of 2018

Graham Stafford – It Could Be Years

Three Hours Southeast Of Reno NV And Outside Hawthorne Lies the Gabbs Valley Range Wilderness Study Area
Red and black pebbles, rocks and boulders
Scatter the landscape for miles
They have been sitting in the same spot
Where they landed millions of years ago
Blown from the earth in a realm of volcanoes and magma
They not sit quiet in the desert sun

The vegetation sparse and not very varied
What grows in this harsh land
Is strong, resilient and almost fierce
Sage, Mormon Tea, Pinyon Pine, Choke Cherry
Tough, brittle, dry and many filled with thorns
Patiently waiting for the next rain to fall
It could be years

No trees except sparse Juniper at high altitudes
Your horizon is wide open for miles
Rounded hills, sand filled gullies, high ridges
That lead your eyes to snow covered mountain peaks
What is so hard close up, softens with distance
Into a maze of pastels that soothes the mind and soul

10 people visited this place to hike, experience and see
They call themselves hikers, environmentalists and activists
I call them lovers, lovers of the desert and its beauty
I call them chosen, for not many do what they do
I call them special because all throughout the day
They kept saying over and over and over
Look at this–isn’t this beautiful–I’m glad to be here
Isn’t this great–I love it here–I’m glad I came
I spent a day with special people and special beauty
Deep in the Nevada desert, and the beauty was beyond compare

Graham Stafford
July-August 2004 Earth First!

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