Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Gary Lawless – The Last Whale

You are the last whale,
washed up on a far beach.
The waves are pushing against you.
Your brothers and sisters are gone.
The light is too bright for your eyes.
You cannot breathe.
Small children are throwing rocks
and laughing,
climbing onto your body.
You die, alone,
your ears full of wind.

You are the last buffalo.
The sun is setting over the plains.
You stand alone, enormous,
heavy with fur, lonely.
You are tired of running.
All of your friends have gone.
It seems even the earth has turned
against you.
There is no one to say goodbye.
You rest, listening to the wind.

When the time is right,
the spirit of the wolf returns.

Gary Lawless
November 1984 Earth First!

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