Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Jenny McBride – Mud From Headwaters

Grey mud from Headwaters
Frosts my shoelace
What’s it doing there?
It should be
Deep under the redwood’s roots
Holding the water in
Holding the moisture I saw
Daubed in nestled clouds on the valleys
Nestled like snuggled blankets
Wrapping what’s left of the gentle forests.

Mud from Headwaters
Clings to the pattern in my shoes.
What’s it doing there?
The old logging road
Silty green like the Yukon River
Was not so muddy as I imagined.
They need the rain winter hasn’t brought.

For two hours we hiked
Through devastation, huge and ancient stumps
Ringed by teasel, pampas,
A host of Eurasian invasion scourge
That roads bring
To deplete.

Mud from Headwaters splattered on my jeans
Did not come from the forest
But from the road that cut it.
Exposed, I carry it home to show
How deep the damage runs.

Jenny McBride
March-April 2002 Earth First!

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