Monday, 29 of August of 2016

Kirk Lumpkin – Blind To The Night

For millions of years of summer nights
our brain waves
were interwoven
with the trill
of cricket song
And the ceilings of the caves
our ancestors’ craniums
were stitched
with the dream circuitry
of constellations.
Though shivers ran along their spines
walking down dark paths
the star vibrating with cricketing
their feet could find the way.
But now here we stand
night blind and scared
in electric light,
by our own magnificence,
no longer able to feel
our ancient intimacy
with darkness.
Like insane moths
mesmerized we throw ourselves
into bright advertisements
of impossible futures.
We have forgotten
we are part of the world
And our blunted awareness
no longer perceives
the magic of the change
from day to night.
Night, where we used to glimpse
the rest of the universe,
remember our membership in that
and with the
supple bodies
of the wild
shadow dancing,
night flying,
and howling creatures,
whose moon-circling blood tides
also pulse through us.
Glorious spaces of starlight and moon glow
now hidden
as if dead
inside the
shrunken body
of the night.

–Kirk Lumpkin

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