Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Kush – Ancient Lake Dolores

To The Ancient Lake Dolores
Who Lives On In The Heart Of The Mission

I come to wake you
from your heavy sleep.

Your asphalt dress does not become you.

wake, wake, wake your wild hair
of tule, tule, tule, tule.

Lady Underground.

Skeleton of Water.

Bones of the Flow.

Your body still, still
with so much life.

I bring you up to breathe
where dream of you goes on.

Lady, where the sun did swim.

Lady, who fed the loon,
fed the salmon,
fed the grizzly bear.

Dolores gathering the antelope.

Dolores holding the Moon.

The laborers came and buried you alive.
You ran under the earth.

Dolores now exhausted by cars.

You run under the macadam.

Dolores under Valencia,
you continue to make your life.

Under the sign of the Busy Bee
Market you collect

You collect yourself
in the heart
of the Mission.

Nov. 1 1986 Earth First!

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