Monday, 29 of August of 2016

Stephen Wing – Under An Incandescent Sky



On the platform at Loyola,
waiting for a late train
the world curves away in rectangular
fluorescent panes, flat light
riding the curve of the rails
past the red light, changing
in the intersection below

The west is burning.
Two towns evacuated,
StationFirethe administration may soon
abandon its controversial “let burn”
policy. Floods in Iceland. Mudslides
in China. Droughts in Sudan
(while the driest summer in fifty years
reigns over the Midwest).

And eight miles from Grand Canyon
National Park, they still long
to sink their empty shaft
into the Mother, peddling their smug
junkie’s rationale
along with their poison:
uranium for a wilderness of lights,
the billion globes and tubes
of Chicago’s dark delusion
flushed with power.

Stephen Wing
December 1990 Earth First!

This video uploaded on Aug 28, 2011 Recorded on the north rim of
the Grand Canyon. Protesting Ohio Gov. John Kasich HB 133.
Giving natural gas and oil companies the right to drill
for oil on protected land.

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