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Jenny McBride – Waiting While Mountains Purple

Wolves and ravens... at it again, as they have been forever. Sage sips the dryness from the hillside
Grasses twitch erect
Distant river gargles rocks
Lichen grows orange on stone.
We wait under a half moon while
The heat dispels and mountains
Swell with purple.

What do you bring us?

Lamar Valley sweeps clean
The ticky-tacky tally of centuries.
Bison rumble patiently
With primordial power
In their skeleton mass and wool.
Waiting while mountians purple
We are touched by the flicker
Of starkly wild lives
Clear and raw before our eyes.

lamar-valleyWhat do we want from you?

A glimpse of your society
So rightly afraid of ours;
A look into your knowing eyes
So readily like ours;
To see you moving freely
Along the valley we can only visit,
To see you claiming your game and your land
Feeds the tiny bead of hope that has receded
To our innermost souls as the forest falls.
If we can see a Wyoming wolf tonight
Perhaps we will see the Earth cool down some

Mabon Sept-Oct 2007 Earth First!

Jenny McBride – Twig Stove

Twig stove is a declaration
Of solidarity against the oil industry
And a lesson in solar power.
On vacation from the so-called civilized world
I cook my food
Over the twig fire
Which can be fanned with a D battery
Renewed by a solar charger.

The twigs, too, are solar powered
As even the towering grandmother of white pines
Feeds on the sun for enormity.
Deafening pagan choir of frogs
Raised on solar power,
Mergansers and their migration,
solar powered,
Me, the beavers, mammals everywhere
Feeding on the sun at one end or another
Even my carnivore cat
Likes his greens unprocessed sometimes.

All leaves changing color
All currents shifting
So down below the sun’s light
Life may know about solar power one day
All one through the sun.
I can’t say all life comes from the sun
But I will say much death comes from oil
Which comes after dark ages
Of not knowing the sun’s pulse.

Jenny McBride
July-August 2007 Earth First!

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