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Joey Racano – Krill Kids

When the sun rose up on the very first day
Krill Kidsa whale there waited to wisk us away
to a place in the sea where krill-kids roam
far away from the land, near a mountain of foam

On the first Earth night ‘neath a sliver of moon
a whale dove deep to avoid a typhoon
and the krill-kids followed him, close behind
clinging to his flukes but he did not mind

As the first week ended and the month came on
I swam to the surface but my whale was gone
I was forced to tread water and my heart skipped a beat
when I felt a sudden comfort rise beneath my feet

The comfort, of course, was the back of a whale
and I was lifted from the water like a ships main sail
I threw my head back, turned my palms to the sky,
sang the first whale song- and thought ‘How lucky am I?’

And on that very last day when a whale does breach
I hope a distant descendant meets him on the beach
with a hand-weaved basket made of fronds and kelp
and every krill-kid in the world, there and ready to help!

Joey Racano – The Rising




(a creation poem)

I was born in 2105
The last land animals were barely alive;
Mountain top castaways searching for food
as the last of the humans prayed to Saint Jude

The Apocalypse never had to fire a shot
With everybody scrambling to the highest spot
Birds tried nesting on the floating debris
but eventually it all turned into open sea

Survivors of the Rising floated here and there
Water beading up in their oily hair
Everything was dark, only lit from below
22772_101381796559263_100000623282491_38587_4796360_nby luminescent Jellies we would come to know

Living on flotsam used to build a raft
(lashing it together was a handy craft)

Twenty days later, the first whale came
up really close, and he was quite tame

More broke the surface, mouths full of fish
and dumped them on the rafts, like a genies wish!
Others guided coolers they had found out floating
and commandeered our rafts (what a lesson in boating!)

There were Humpbacks, Grays and the mighty Blue,
pushing us across a vast expanse of goo
There were Beaked Whales, Right Whales, all around
Humpback-Whales-Feeding-I-003Sperm whales singing with a clicking sound

A thousand miles later we heard the gulls
(I remember thinking, ‘this is how a planet culls’)

We made a solemn pact as we washed ashore-

We would hurt our brother the whale, no more

joey racano


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