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Lone Wolf Circles – You Might Be An Alien

(with a tip of the hat to Jeff Foxworthy)

You might be an alien… if after attending the family reunion you wonder how the hell you could be related to “those people”. Or if sometimes you’re staring in the mirror and it seems there’s some kind of stranger looking back!

Hell, you could be alien if flying through the air in those hollow metal tubes they call airliners seems natural to you. If you live in structures you didn’t build, drive in vehicles you don’t comprehend, and obey rules made by people you’ve never met. If you spend more time in those vehicles than you do walking. If you feel safer in freeway traffic than you do in the wilderness. I’ll tell you, if the words “mobile” home make any sense to you–you’re getting more alien all the time.

You’re in the process of becoming extraterrestrial if it seems reasonable to watch people doing interesting things on TV instead of doing them yourself. Or if you find tupperware and artificial food coloring acceptable. If you’re uncomfortable being alone. If being somewhere quiet enough to hear your own heart beat makes you afraid that something’s wrong. If you see viruses as “enemies,” illness as a humiliation, and death as a defeat.

If you prefer the smell of perfume or cologne to the smell of your own clean body. If you’re okay with plastics but disgusted by blood. Or if when it starts to rain you run indoors to stay dry instead of rushing outdoors to play–you could be an alien.

There’s a chance you’re alien if evolution seems like an unnecessarily random process that humans dang sure ought to be able to improve on. If increasing the intelligence of our children through genetic engineering seems like a reasonable idea. If this country’s “nuclear deterrent” makes you feel any safer at night. Or if you feel okay about radiating your food in a microwave oven.

You could be an alien if how you feel matters less than how others feel about you. If the idea of surgically altering your body to make it look better seems like a sensible strategy. If you’re able to sleep through the sound of distant sirens, dogs barking on the next block over, and the repeated clicking on and off of the electric fridge. If the wind agitates instead of invigorates you. If you’re able to tolerate the feel of synthetic clothes on your back.

You’re pretty much out there if you managed to ignore or somehow failed to notice the dozens of planes that pass overhead each and every hour. If you’re unaware of which way is south, which plant and animal species are indigenous to your area, of which native peoples lived there before you. And you might be an alien if you tend to look to a power outside of–and separate from–your sacred self and this sacred Earth–for direction in your life….

Jesse Wolf Hardin
June-July 2000 Earth First!

Lone Wolf Circles – Gaia Bless

Gaia Bless
us each in our fleeting, mortal moment,
our willingness to feel, our trying to make it real.
Gaia Bless
all the sensitive souls among our blighted human kind,
bless those who reject the distractions of our age
to hear the cries of the sacred Mother.
Gaia Bless
those that hear and respond to Her Call
with struggle, even when struggle fails;
with healing, even when our healing proves less than adequate
to stem the flow of precious Gaian blood;
and with prayer, even as we ache to understand her answers
cast in evolutionary code, in the rustling of den-bound snakes
and the shaking of Her winter storms.
Gaia Bless
the old folks who talk to weeds, and kids who ask too many questions.
Gaia Bless
the tribes and the tribeless;
the happily married, those seeking and those contented alone;
those who forgive but never forget;
and all the imperfect two-leggeds who serve the perfection of Nature.
Gaia Bless
those who oppose the bulldozers
and those who instead plant flowers in the bulldozer’s most recent tracks;
the teachers and the hermits, the first and the last.
Gaia Bless those of our kind instilled with patience,
unwilling to deny Her the thousands of years of painful change
that is her timely rite of passage.
And Gaia Bless
the impatient among us as well,
unwilling and unable to accept the reality of temporary defeats,
risking drowning in the depths
to assist even a little the height of her rising tides.
Gaia Bless
Her warriors, who give up their freedom, their families,
their homes and their lives
for something greater than our lonely, individual selves.
Gaia Bless
those bound to constant movement, winging through tornadoes,
migrating through the years;
including those too busy to stop and smell the earth.
And Gaia Bless
those remaining still enough through these storms of transition,
who bond their flesh to dirt,
who hear and record her instruction and song,
who touch her earthen skin just the way She likes and tend her willow hair.
Gaia Bless
all those who try, succeed or fail,
those who always act decisively, but never out of hatred;
yes… those whose every living breath
asserts their pledge of Love.
By our hearts and our acts may we be Worthy.
Gaia Bless. Gaia Bless.

J. Wolf Hardin
Feb.-Mar. 1999 Earth First!

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