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Mark Williams – Wolves, For Life

Wolves mate for life
Wolves, For LifePeople try to
Being not as advanced
as wolves
it’s harder for us

The main things wolves are up against, when they pair up:
Loss of Wildness
The fear people have
and traps

are now part of
Mark and Michelle’s pack
calling out their wolf-selves

Wishing them

Full moons
for howling
Tongue-wet frolics
1397998705_1372482967both in snow
and warm berry season

A good den,
For holing up

And to be able to look at
each other
with deep fierce eyes
that do not blink

And while their feast days
won’t be marked with
the raw ligaments of caribou
or elk

they will pass
with joy
and sustenance
their tribe
We gather
their pack

on one such feast day

and for them
we howl
from the best,
most wolf-like
part of our selves
and our souls

Mark L. Williams
August-September 2000 Earth First!

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Mark Williams – Raven

was on my street
trying to mix in
with the other birds

It didn’t work
He stood out
Like a sore wing

Laying low
He was on the lam
“I’d rather be
on the lamb!” he cackled
(Especially if the lamb was dead)

He made bad jokes
like that

Is that why
they’re after you? I asked
The humor thing?
No, it’s that I make them uncomfortable
While they’re destroying things

I feed off carcasses
But so do they
Yet somehow think they’re better than me

We all have dark feathers
When it comes to bedcheck time

You have to laugh about it
or caw

But don’t caw me,
Raven said
I’ll caw…

Don’t, I asked

Well hell
Raven spat
Don’t tell me you’ve all gone
And lost your funnybones

On the very eve
of reckoning?

bird-sightings-raven-bCould be
the last bones
you got left

He was alone then
the other birds
had cleared away,
uneasy as they were

He was illuminated
a shiny black
under the streetlamp

That light he said
is flickering
everything is still

That made it hard
to find the feather on the road later
after he’d departed

silky and murky
I ran my finger on it
once or twice
and it felt


to the touch

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