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Rebecca Swan – I Know You Wild Skykomish

I know you wild Skykomish River I know you
glaciers melting in the warm spring air
and you – rushing down the mountain full of snowmelt
roaring and shaking the ground, the granite boulders,
the granite mountains

I know you too my wild Skykomish
wide and quiet in a mountain meadow
flanked by a million tiny flowers
singing in the dawn with crystal notes
murmuring through starry nights

I know where you come from my wild Skykomish
hidden-gems-north-cascades-afdeep in the turquoise heart of translucent ice caves
following a serpentine trail through the grandfather hemlocks
past carpets of tiny liberty cap mushrooms
glistening like jewels in the dew

I come to you when I’m done with the rushing traffic,
the clatter of machines, the rough scream of chain saws,
the endless slap slap slapping of my windowshield wipers

I come to you my wild Skykomish
and touch my soul again.

Rebecca Swan
May 2008
January-February 2010 Earth First!


Rebecca Swan – Love

What this planet needs,
What the environmental movement needs,
What we all need is love.

To get out there and do what
Needs to be done now.
When you really love something
No mountain is too high,
No valley too low,
No sacrifice too great.

And it’s going to take that kind of
Power to turn this thing around, folks,
It really is with all that fear out there.
Love is even stronger than fear.
In fact, it’s the only
Thing that is stronger than fear.
Guaranteed. Every time.

The more people love their own lives,
The people around
Them, the natural world

A butterfly, a pink flamingo,
A puppy,
Majestic redwoods
Or ivory-billed woodpeckers,
The more people we will have
Working to clean this mess
Up and make it right.

Only love can save us now!

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