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Jessica Dampier – Patience

On the highline
Between Calgary and the beginning of autumn
We stood braced against
lThe shipping containers on a 48
As three days sped past.

Near Flathead
A cluster of deer, startled,
Looked up as we did,
Our antlers broken but our herd intact.
A second before they would not have recognized us as deer.
I’m still not sure what they thought of us.

We stopped at a 2 mile and jumped off,
Soaked bandanas in a creek
In Idaho, somewhere, where the tall spruce
Cast shadows on tall mountains.
A small bear ambled up to the water
And looked at us askance.

I remembered my father explaining things to me
When I was a little girl.

“The earth is our mother.” He said,
“Not because she provides for us…
But because she has patience with us.”

Jessica Dampier

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Carlos Purple Bear – California Grizzly Republic

Immortal great bear
Shadow bear, ghost bear, memory bear
Flag flapping emblem
High on mast
From state capitol
To truck stop station
The bear no more
Is flying forever
Memory bear
Roaming your kingdom
Memory bear ain’t driving
Big trucks
Memory bear ain’t the
Memory bear don’t
Swear allegiance
Roaming man-beast
Atop crystal peaks
Memory dream
Lives in my heart
Walks on four paws
Paws with claws

Carlos Purple Bear
November 1988 Earth First!

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