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Billy Collins – Butterfly Effect

The one resting now on a plant stem
somewhere deep in the vine-hung
interior of South America
whose wings are about to flutter
thus causing it to rain heavily
on your wedding day
several years from now,
and spinning you down
a path to calamity and ruin
is–if it’s any consolation–
a gorgeous swallowtail,
a brilliant mix of bright orange
and vivid yellow with a soft
dusting of light brown along the edges.

What’s more, the two black dots
ButterflyCropCircleNetherlands2009on the wings are so prominent
as to make one wonder
if this is not an example of mimicry,
an adaptation technique whereby one species
takes on the appearance
of another less-edible one,
first brought to light,
it might interest you to know
and possibly distract you from
your vexatious dread
with regards to the hopelessness of the future,
by two British naturalists, namely,
H. W. Bates in 1862 and A. R. Wallace in 1865.


Hubble Photos

Mark Williams – Wind

By_USucceedThey move on two legs
but they don’t move like me
I blow in
and outta
of time
and take with me
baby’s cry
liquid orgasmic howl
the inconsolable wail
of their mourners
the speeches
of their primp’d
and mirror-struck
the footfalls
of their ceaseless

and, too, the things they can’t shake off:
the memory of a Wednesday afternoon
in September
that will never come

I mix these things with
pollen and bee music
the flight-deck wisdom of birds
rusted leaves
seeds and spores

I plant
I fan flames
I cool desire

in the right mood
I uproot neighborhoods
blow neon signs
on beachfront bars
and knock pricey seashore condos
back down
among the sharks

and I am left
to glide and jitter
over the ruins
of every empire
the Two Legs
thought would last
a thousand years
523644_356259924469071_1218698597_nor more

I carry the residue
of volcano
and atom bomb

and someday, too,
the last wolf song
the one last flap of wing

and on the solar giant’s
last hot exhalation

I will breathe myself
out into space


giving final voice to every
bug buzz and bit
of bramble music

that was fed me.

January-February 2004 Earth First!

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