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Jenny McBride – In The Wild


In lives nested with my life
I’ve lived in places wilder
Than these thoroughly permanent grey
Chicago suburbs.
As I arrange those memories
I try to be grateful without being greedy:
Living near the wild
Is a rare and great privilege.

But even here there are still
Wild moments to discover.
On my nine-mile winter darkness bike ride I think,
“This isn’t quite like being in Yellowstone,
“Not the same kind of place
“But in the same kind of spirit.”
The darkness holds my bicycle
Close to its secret heart
Where bison breathe winter air
With simple resistance.

Jenny McBride
July-August 2005 Earth First!

Kevin Bezner – Bison, Montana


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Buffalo, people
call them, shaggy
beasts shaking

heads at flies, sun
on backs, chewing
grass, saliva

stringing from mouths, slowly
stepping to water troughs. These few

hundreds once
millions, the land theirs. Grasses

bend to wind, dust
from rolling
bison, tourists roll
down windows, lean
far out of cars for

pictures, no fear from
this distance,

not even when one takes to hoof
to stare them down. Why
fear such dusty

creatures, dead to them
these many years–they were told,

“Take a trip
into history, and before
you leave for home

stop to eat
the magnificent flesh
of the prairie’s king.”

Kevin Bezner
Dec. 21 1992 Earth First!

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