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Joel Hammer – Migrations

Honking and flapping high
fright_flight_of_the_snow_geese_by_through the crisp fall morn
the geese re-enact
their ancient journey south–
then back north in spring.
The flock knows
just where to go
for just what it needs.

Their primordial pattern
resonates through the centuries
along wind-carrying currents–
Gaia’s rhythm.
Far below cars jam and curse
from streets to avenues
in toxic unclarity,
a cacophony of misery.
Sweating and swearing,
veiled in smokey tanks,
the throng anxiously waits
for the blink of the light,
to stop–then go–then stop

Joel Hammer
December 22 1987 Earth First!

Autumn Sonnischen – What My Forest Used To Be

I once
Was breathing purple
Lapping up
Tick-tock pine needles
And melting earth

It used to seep into me
But now
Is plasticized
And tastes
Of grieving sugarcane
Giving way
To slippery packets of calorie-free pastels

I grab hold
To burnt leaves
And smoggy rain drops

Blinking back my ocean
’cause I know
they’d suck its salt away

To sprinkle
over thirty-nine cent macaroni and cheese
hurriedly spilt
on neckties tied too tightly

I would sit
(that did indeed weep)
and amongst silly twigs
bent into nature’s alphabet
plain as day
(clear not being
a viable phrase)
Where is our salvation?

Autumn Sonnischen
Dec.-Jan. 2000 Earth First!


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