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Billy Collins – Butterfly Effect

The one resting now on a plant stem
somewhere deep in the vine-hung
interior of South America
whose wings are about to flutter
thus causing it to rain heavily
on your wedding day
several years from now,
and spinning you down
a path to calamity and ruin
is–if it’s any consolation–
a gorgeous swallowtail,
a brilliant mix of bright orange
and vivid yellow with a soft
dusting of light brown along the edges.

What’s more, the two black dots
ButterflyCropCircleNetherlands2009on the wings are so prominent
as to make one wonder
if this is not an example of mimicry,
an adaptation technique whereby one species
takes on the appearance
of another less-edible one,
first brought to light,
it might interest you to know
and possibly distract you from
your vexatious dread
with regards to the hopelessness of the future,
by two British naturalists, namely,
H. W. Bates in 1862 and A. R. Wallace in 1865.


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Art Goodtimes – Art of Getting Lost

-for Ed

losing it
it’s dangerous Pinon
look closely
it’s the place
that takes you away
that takes you away

it’s Mancos Shale
that takes you away
& you’re suddenly just another
neopagan zenmother Buddhada
learning pandemonium
toking pure chaos
Cougar in the headlights
takes you away
Venus Kali clone
takes you away
take Luna in the mushrooms & quackgrass
rolling in it on Sheep Mountain
that first green-eyed summer
or take that infamous hike we took
to the San Miguel Canon petroglyph
that scribed a hoop in the earth
& led us back to our beginning
Shandoka’s lightning & ice
takes you away
clambering hands & knees up Lone Cone scree
takes you away
getting so lost
you find yourself
Canyonland cliff shelf narrowing to Goat hold
takes you away
Uncompahgre’s Tabeguache Pine scratched by Bear
takes you away
always dying
& being reborn
Big Sur hot spring crotch-of-the-Redwood
takes you away
Salt Point combers in a storm slamming down fists
takes you away
letting go enough not to panic
but to play it like a tune
whistled & hummed
as a hymn to the Mother
Haleakala’s charms
takes you away
eating lost mangoes & making love in the cave at Kalalau
takes you away
this is my religion
I believe in being lost
& everything I find
on the way
is miraculous
adventure not predicament
chaos as much as calm
the straightest lines in nature
are the bomb’s trajectory
the bullet’s compass
so, scram pathfinders surveyors engineers
gimme the Loon’s zigzag walk
let me lose it
I know how to use it

Art Goodtimes
May 1 1989 Earth First!

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