Saturday, 20 of January of 2018

Tag » Consciousness

Dennis Fritzinger – Crow Mind



crows are smart birds:
when they see something they like
and can’t reach, they’ll either find
or make a tool to get it.
right now
i’m practicing
my crow mind.

Steve Toth – Nature’s Course

A kangaroo rat is
so efficient it can go
a whole lifetime without
taking a single drink of water
An alligator only needs
an inch & a half above
the surface of the water
to see hear & smell you

An owl can glide in silence
& with pinpoint hearing
locate a mouse tunneling
in the dark under the snow
So how is it that the only animals
who call themselves intelligent
produce fumes so strong
we’re smelling up the atmosphere?

We humans talk about allowing
nature to take its course as if
nature ever needed to ask
for permission to do anything
but when we took on consciousness
we also took on responsibility
The impulse that began creation
is still working creatively in us

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