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Darkfire – Dreaming Your Way Home

look to the language
when a nation, a people
has forgotten the dream at the root
the dream-informed song of their birth
their words are corrupt
without compassion
soft & rotten
their dreams are desolate
& night harbors special terrors
it is spoiled
it is over-ripe, yes
ripe for eating
the coyotes are eating yr dreams
where is the hearth
where is the village
where is the communal well
dreaming of three ringtail cats
javelina & bobcat
they are sharing the amber afternoon
with mule deer, antelope & bighorn sheep
they are dancing together
on the fire-touched mesa
dancing in the golden grass
it is time to go home,
where is the tribe
where is the sacred grove
where is the give-away
where the dream is strongest
we speak a language of fire
to make the day equal to the night
hands rough from working the dream
stone & juniper
the tawny winter light
golden with desert dust
& cattail pollen
we wake into a hungry dawn
June 21 1986 Earth First!

Sunshine – Coyotes

We are the coyotes. We watch
We live free, in spite of you men.
We leave footprints in the snow
on your doorstep.
We sing joy and sorrow through
the evening air.
We are accused of many crimes–
some of which we did not commit.
You hunt us–shoot, trap, poison
run us to exhaustion on loud

instead of using your own wits
and strength.
But still, in the hills, in the deserts, in
the cities
we survive, multiply, spread.
And when you men have fouled the
Earth beyond your
ability to survive
Or destroy each other in an
argument no one      won,
We will be there
To scavenge
To cleanse the now unburdened Earth
To bring back the harmony
Until another race of creatures
believes itself smart enough to
manipulate the parts without
knowing the whole.
We are the coyotes. We watch.

August 1995 Earth First!

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