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Mockingbird – Reincarnation

An old black vulture landed in a tree
overlooking Chickamauga Creek;
gave me a sidelong glance.

I thought of Edward Abbey
outspoken critic of government agencies,
professor and park ranger.

Abbey, buried in an illegal grave
a cairn of stones to cover
his mortal remains.

His friends saw to his last request
wrote on one stone
“Edward Abbey, no comment.”

The nemesis of Glen Canyon Dam
didn’t want a memorial and
got one anyway.

He always said he’d come back
as a vulture next time
just seemed fitting.

I looked up into the oak
said “Hey there Ed,
looks like a good day for flying.”

Abbey didn’t say a word
just gave me that sidelong glance,
the old buzzard.

January-February 2008 Earth First!

Ramon – When A Tree Falls In The Forest

There is a silly zen koan which asks if a tree falling
in the forest makes any sound if nobody is within earshot.
I emailed Mom for the answer, as follows:

imagesTo: Mother Earth
From: Me

If the world’s what we just hear and see,
Then it seems that it really could be:
When a tree hits the ground
And no human’s around
All is silence. Please comment. Love, Me.

To: You
From: Mother Earth

‘Tis sad you still need to discover
All life is your sister and brother.
So when trees start to fall,
They all hear. Most of all:
I’m always nearby. Love, Your Mother

Uncle Ramon
(Nickname of Life Insurance Salesman Robert Amon, aka:Ramon, get it? US Prosecuting Attorneys insist on calling it an “alias.”)
November-December 2001 Earth First!

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