Monday, 11 of December of 2017

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Dennis Fritzinger – My People


my people
forests to hide in,
trees to scratch their backs on,
clean water to swim in,
milkweed to lay their eggs on,
prairies to gallop across,
savannahs to trample,
water holes to drink at,
trees to cling to while they
construct amazing advertisements
for attracting pollinators,
caves to overwinter in,
fires to create the right condition
for regeneration and rebirth,
wood to gnaw,
cheese to nibble at,
great oceans to navigate and sing across,
branches to hop on
and build nests on,
places underground to crawl
and hide and squirm in,
heixiexun.deviantartmoons to howl at,
mountain top rock jumbles
to escape to,
snow banks to blend into,
floods to be swept away in.
and my people need
a sunny sunbeam
and a pool of mineral salts
to visit and lap up,
and a quiet yard
to drift through, calmly,
on a twilight evening,
blinking on and off.
my people need to prowl
gallop slither roar trample
splash flash dash and just stay still.
my people need
to be.

Joe Lamb – Vanitas

is small potatoes
for those
water_hyacinth_2_0already dead.

Singing in the Heavenly Choir,
reincarnating as a water buffalo,
or becoming one with infinite silence
share much in common,
and all are fine by me.

Maybe I could learn to carry a tune,
develop a taste for water hyacinths,
or find a lasting cure
for my insomnia.

now that is another matter.

When the pickup flipped on its side,
and careened to the canyon’s edge,
I kept spinning the steering wheel,
even though all four tires
were off the ground.

And that time on Trampas Peak
perched on the rock ledge,
knowing they would find me
spread-eagled in the skree slope
far below,

8TsHWI couldn’t stop looking
at the ripped crotch
in my red corduroys,
and wishing
I had worn underwear.

All paths converge
and no matter which I take
I’ll find my way
to the moment after.

If my heart finds proof
that my brain is wrong,
and something exists
on the other side

then I’ll linger there awhile
to wait for you
so we can wander
from galaxy to galaxy
acting sometimes like a particle,
sometimes like a wave.

–Joe Lamb

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