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Stever Toth – O Coyote

 O coyote
they don’t like to see you
being so free
So they come with their arms
You can hear them loading up
You can hear them
egging each other on
to find some courage
& run you out of all decent company
But they have no courage
except for the numbers they buy
They never lose

So they drive you out
of the day time
& into the night time
The nerves of their consciences are deadened
but when the sun’s going down
coyote_in_field& the sky’s opening in darkness
The echoes of your howl
still rattle their brains
& make their hearts beat wildly
Because despite everything to the contrary
they love you madly
Can’t really live without you in fact

O coyote
they don’t like to see you
being so free
But you don’t care about what they like
You throw your head back
& let go a howl
that will echo wild & free in every atom
even in the atoms
they sometimes call their bodies

David Albano – Little Red Riding Hood Is A Liar

(Diamond Lake Ontario)

I snap upright
smell of thick dark
slumber dissolves
skin tingles
ears prick

a deep howl
shimmers about my tent
less conquered
and more myth
than the moon
I can only
imagine the source

eyes squeezing shut
black snout pointing
triangle ears furled
moonlight bristling
on rust-gray fur
rocking back on haunches.
cavern mouth
rib cage contracting
the night

there is nothing new
about this
I am here to know

wakes me
I move
through the rite
of this howl
emerge holding
an untouchable

David Albano
May-June 2001 Earth First!

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