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Gary Lawless – Caribouddhism


In early June of 1995 Beth Leonard, Nanao Sakaki and I traveled to Newfoundland to see icebergs, caribou and moose. As we traveled we talked of how every place has its own messages, visions, teachers, practices. I suggested that we become caribouddhists, wandering with the great herds, listening to their stories, tasting the ice… CARIBOUDDHISM chronicles this journey into inner and outer landscapes with a delicate hand.

The iceberg has come
to speak with Nanao.
She is just beyond the window,
waiting beyond the light.
She has come a long way.
She has a message for us.
She is very shy.
If we look directly at her
she begins to melt away,
all that she
has to say, lost
to the light of
day, the wind, the
rocks, our eyes—
She begins to speak.
ice-face-memeWe must listen
very carefully.

Tonight she comes as
moose, no longer iceberg,
tiptoeing carefully
between the tents.
She is happy in darkness.
She is looking for Nanao.
She wants to enter
his dreams.

Today she is standing
beside the road
in a patch of bog and
dirty snow.
She is the color of glacier,
iceberg, snow and
She turns and
into the woods.
She is caribou,
she is iceberg
she is message,
and dream.

DeaneTR – Whales & Dolphins


“As sure as whales have secret limbs hidden deep in their flesh” –Steve Toth

ralph_2Makes me think how dolphins and whales might one day create an era like
humans when all life will live or die by the hands of what were once
fins and flippers of whales and dolphins…

Can you imagine the kinda parties dolphins and whales would have if they
built their own cities and governments and machines and enslaved all the
other living beings just like all us humans?

And all the land creatures would be going extinct because the dolphins
kept turning the earth’s land mass into ocean to make lotsa money
selling real estate.

Dolphin-Whale caused erosion based on the real estate speculations of a
trillion dolphins and whales with fingers and thumbs building their
civilization would make the whole world one giant ocean in no time.
I can’t wait…


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