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Wally Swist – Coyotes

Two a.m., howling begins
on the edge of one of the farms left

in this valley, near the wetland
a developer has mown.

Such pure sound pierces the night,
this bloodletting beneath Orion,

this ghostly choir of thin cries
that tremble like Shawmut and Massasoit

come back to haunt us.
Then the baying of one hound

sets another hound baying
from the far rim of the opposite ridge.

Porch lights flicker
on the water of this delirious music,

and the wild pack in each of us
rises into song.

Wally Swist
July-August 2006 Earth First!

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Walkin Jim Stoltz – Rock Dream

Shaded from the sun
I took welcome shelter
Under the ledge.
The dark slot in the smooth wall
Gaped like a giant’s grin
And swallowed me whole.
When night came I stretched out
Under the rock,
The sandstone a few feet above my face,
And wondered when this shoulder would shrug,
Rock crashing down
Taking me back in one pulverizing smash.
I could feel it there
Pressing down upon me,
Compressing my bones to fossil,
Dashing my brains to powdery dust
And blood oozing with the stone seams
From that moment, forever
Destined to dream of rock,
My epitaph sleeping
In the smooth canyon wall.

Walkin’ Jim Stoltz
Aug. 1 1994 Earth First!

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