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Jaen Sydney – Mountaintop Removal



 An interview with Judy HERE.

Drought southwest of West Virginia,
In Kentucky, Tennessee and further;
so much open space, dead grass,
low slopes, brown lands,
rock islands of standing dead trees.
No water in the air.

Our remaining hills stayed green this summer
waiting for rain that didn’t come.
Under trees among steep hollers,
air holds water over and underground.
Coal smoke that fires the air, oven dries it;
requires Earth’s womb open to the sun unprotected.
No longer moon flowing, bleeds mortally wounded.
Fat skin thins, dries, blows over bones, gone.

New century’s water rights negated,
the next generation star trek
because a barren planet
cannot keep them.
Is that the plan?
A new world order
to wander, another
mandate from God
to leave Eden again?
What have we done this time?

Jaen Sydney
Dec.-Jan. 2000 Earth First!

DeaneTR – Mailman Ocean

We finally found the giant dock someone
saw that we couldn’t find and now we found

What once was ocean meeting a
land covered in logs and
large woody debris
is now eroded barren
hillside beneath
upslope canopy

No giant logs left
other than
a dock…
Love_Letter_Debristhat washed
up from a long
ago Tsunami

Yet way more long ago the
oceans wrote letters
for centuries to send as
wood that’s fallen
as ancient trees
as love letters mailed
in 2 years travel
across the sea…

the fertile
soils under
the upslope




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