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Dennis Fritzinger – Pirate Whaling In ’73

Pablo Neruda and wife Delia

They dug up Pablo Neruda’s bones. A judge improvised a ceremony…

They wanted to know how he died. The whales, Victor Jara, Allende and Pablo Neruda died. Their legends live on!

From BBC News April 12th 2013: “The family of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda has agreed to send his remains to a laboratory in the United States for toxicology tests. His body was exhumed on Monday by the authorities in Chile in an effort to determine whether his death was caused by poisoning.”

The poet was a close friend of the overthrown Chilean president, Salvador Allende. He died aged 69 just 12 days after Gen Pinochet’s coup.

A close aide said the left-wing poet was given a lethal injection on Gen Pinochet’s orders, but his family maintains the cause of death was cancer.”

it figures–
whaling would be going on
land of enlightenment–
where victor jara was enlightened
by having the fingers of both hands
brutally chopped off with an axe,
where allende was enlightened
to the realities of CIA politics
by a military overthrow–
where the secret police
rushed into neruda’s apartment
g1_u6937_neruda3young20sminutes after he was dead
“of cancer”–
now the palmy star #3
operates off chile’s coast,
chile herself long
as the backbone of a whale–
killing blue whales, right whales
and humpbacks, those magnificent singers
(like victor jara, another singer)–
what do they sing about, i wonder,
in the waters of antarctica?
pirate whaling is big business-
not only chile but peru,
not only south america but africa–
and japan, japan
sucking it all up like a ghoul
at a feast of bodies lying in state,
still in magnificent kimonos
and jeweled hairpins still in their hair.

Dennis Fritzinger – September 25th, 1973

Craig Stehr – For The Earth Warriors

beauty_of_the_deep_sea_by_eresaw-d3grrq5Rejoice in the dark phase of Kali Yuga
Nonattachment both to elusive peace
And discomfort in the face of chaos
Liberates the worrying mind
From earth plane’s crazy dramatics
Delusion’s nets release the dolphins
Ensnared in the cold grey seas
To roam free and ride the currents
From season to season beneath the stars
Navigating by moonlight to hidden realms
Only to emerge with new messages
Listen to the songs of the whales
The electric eel brings a warning
Undersea volcanoes echo the instructions
From the center of the earth which is
The real beating heart at its core
Deep within and silent
417230-bigthumbnailDark and mysterious
Witnessing the movement
Of the universal play
Millions and millions of miles
Of vast space stretch out
One beam of light to infinity
Bends and curves to return
To its origin completing the journey
Everything lives in a circular motion
Always returning like giant waves
That form and crash loudly and go back
Shifting sand beds underneath
And rocking the coral reefs
The great white shark is unmoved
It stays above its shadow relaxed and calm
Knowing what’s up and it has known
For a very long time
61078_435009988690_538223690_5366122_1760693_nThe reckoning of climate change approaches
Temperatures irregular and sea levels varying
Storms alter fish migrations and the
Undersea plants and deep sea life
All the way down to the ocean floor
In flux in the murkiness with soundings
Rumbling from below bottom dwellers
Emissions escape from fissures and trembling
Are the code of transmissions sent up to the surface
To land dwellers and the myriad species
Trees, plants, mountains, rivers, streams
Frigid air currents and warm clouds
The truth always comes back full circle
We are receiving our instructions all the time

Craig Louis Stehr

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