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Lone Wolf Circles – The Courier’s Quandary

How do you package what really needs sending?
Solitude, which no one but one’s self can deliver,
Salvation slipping through the cracks of every box,
Sentience that can bring pain as well as joy
to anyone who picks it up.
A dream feral as bobcats in the suburbs,
A wildness too big to contain.
How does one mail awakeness,
When it can infect office clerks and web servers
And who then can take off the uniforms to play?
The e-mail queues bursting with crazy eyed salmon,
Fur and feathers no stamp will stick to,
Mountains too heavy to lift or weigh.
Rivers that soak through their wrappings,
Crawdads scurrying to escape the fluorescent lights,
Hormone-addled elk running madly down the aisles.

How do you market what matters most?
Hard to swallow insights,
served-up with self evident assignments.
Revolution with no profit.
Dreams that swim freely without sleep,
An artful life that few may ever see,
Restoration requiring sweat and toil.
Hope without logic or reason,
Revolution without profit,
A theatre of truth with no way out.
A sixpack of enchantment,
A round of responsibility,
A baggie stuffed with purpose.
And who will pay
For the challenges and struggles
That make us worthy,
Of the darkest nights
That define our brightest days.

Who will name this great hunger,
And who will feed it?
Who will name the cure,
And who will admit to needing it?

Lone Wolf Circles (aka: Jesse Wolf Hardin)
February-March 2002 Earth First!

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