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Michael Adams – Canis Latrans

Hey Warriorpoets,

This was sent to me by Eric Shaffer, another warrior poet. He told me Michael died in September and he’s been reading this poem daily to keep his memory green.

For the Wild, Dennis

from Broken Hand (1991)

Along the road where it winds
by the river two crows rose
from the remains of a porcupine
That night you catch coyote
framed in the headlights
as he drags the body away

walk to the edge
pavement gives way
willow cottonwood
& a thrill

Not of fear or pleasure rises
through your feet, your spine
neck hairs stand on end

Screen of brush & river behind
you stare & staring back
two wild yellow eyes

-Michael Adams

To view Michael performing many more of his poems go here.

Gary Snyder – John Muir on Mt. Ritter:

After scanning its face again and again,
I began to scale it, picking my holds
With intense caution. About half-way
To the top, I was suddenly brought to
A dead stop, with arms outspread
Clinging close to the face of the rock
Unable to move hand or foot
Either up or down. My doom
Appeared fixed. I MUST fall.
There would be a moment of
Bewilderment, and then,
A lifeless rumble down the cliff
To the glacier below.
My mind seemed to fill with a
Stifling smoke. This terrible eclipse
Lasted only a moment, when life blazed
Forth again with preternatural clearness.
I seemed suddenly to become possessed
Of a new sense. My trembling muscles
Became firm again, every rift and flaw in
The rock was seen as through a microscope,
My limbs moved with a positiveness and precision
With which I seemed to have
Nothing at all to do.

Gary Snyder

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