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Sid Bridges – Techno-Civilization


A second hand light embezzled from the sun.
a dim attempt to best nature. An inauthentic
magnificence which fades like a drug induced dream.

Grotesque necklaces of halogen and neon choking the world,
powered by sacred mountains reduced to poisoned dust and
toxic soot smears across the holy desert skies.

An anomalous infestation on the natural order of things.
An excrescence spawned by the mad coupling of a
phantom called reason with a nightmare named progress.

Sid Bridges
March-April 2001 Earth First!


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Dennis Fritzinger – Imagination



imagine, nation,

if you had more imagination.

a bigger imagination.

a better imagination.

an imagination that included everything

and wasn’t afraid to tackle the hard issues.

an imagination that saw beyond its pocket book

saw everyone is destined to accept the common fate


but not necessarily everything.

that is where we have a choice a say in the outcome

that is where imagination steps in

with a steady hand and a firm grip.

that is where the work that needs

to be done begins to be done.

–Dennis Fritzinger


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