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Bob Finkbine – Bury My Heart


Fluid thief Colorado
ferrying silt, carving rock,
spawning catclaw and catfish.

Shadowed symmetry
of subtle
lines latticed
on upcurved canyon walls;
sheerwall rising above
narrow plateaus
where ocotillos wave
twisted arms
and seep springs feed spraygrass.

Swallowtail butterflies flit
along porous lava, cracked crosscuts
slicing down to where light splays
Colorado-River-Basinon water, spangling above depths
where unslackened, the current
never rests.

my fingers scratch away pebbles,
scoop out handfuls of sand and dirt
fashioning a place
for my heart,
covering it over,
letting soil work.

Nursed in cretaceous darkness,
Colorado_River_Watershedroots tentacle out to pierce
close-moleculed masks of stone.
Man earth, earth man,
skin dissolved, flesh gone,
bones sinking into a lost sea,
into sacred ribbons of water
chattering off the backs of mountains,
licking the wounds of the earth,
folding and unfolding her seasons
like pages of a book

Bob Finkbine
September 1994 Earth First!

Rebecca Swan – I Know You Wild Skykomish

I know you wild Skykomish River I know you
glaciers melting in the warm spring air
and you – rushing down the mountain full of snowmelt
roaring and shaking the ground, the granite boulders,
the granite mountains

I know you too my wild Skykomish
wide and quiet in a mountain meadow
flanked by a million tiny flowers
singing in the dawn with crystal notes
murmuring through starry nights

I know where you come from my wild Skykomish
hidden-gems-north-cascades-afdeep in the turquoise heart of translucent ice caves
following a serpentine trail through the grandfather hemlocks
past carpets of tiny liberty cap mushrooms
glistening like jewels in the dew

I come to you when I’m done with the rushing traffic,
the clatter of machines, the rough scream of chain saws,
the endless slap slap slapping of my windowshield wipers

I come to you my wild Skykomish
and touch my soul again.

Rebecca Swan
May 2008
January-February 2010 Earth First!


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